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Although it may seem like there are hundreds of companies who make greens…well, there are actually hundreds-your perception is correct. The problem for us consumers is, which one? This one says no alfalfa, this one has kale, this one has chlorella…what the heck is that? And, before you know it, your noble quest for picking a greens product has failed and you are greenless and now blue with confusion empty handed except a large tub of jenny macaroons and some organic grape pop.

The basic premises behind a greens product is to increase your amount of green vegetables, sea vegetables, minerals and vitamins that you would otherwise have gotten from a few massive salads and maybe licking a few rocks at the bottom of the ocean if we were still living in the wild. I know that's what I like to do on vacation and I do know a few people who would be quite happy returning to that state of being. Slime covered rocks could make a comeback.

Greens are a condensed form of some very healthy nutritional products that assist your optimal health levels by helping the body to become more alkaline, reducing cholesterol, cancer risks and inflammation, improving digestion and overall energy levels. Greens are a great product for anyone wanting to do something healthy for themselves, boost their already awesome eating habits or add some healthiness even though they might not eat the best.

The possible debate with hard core nutritionists and extreme raw foodies is that you should be able to get everything you need from your whole foods. These green powders are jam packed with numerous healthy things, but often there are a lot of items, and some argue that this is too much for the body. I have always been on a “to each there own approach”, but I love my greens, and I notice a change in my health when I use those products so I continue to use them. It’s something everyone can do, it’s small, but can have major impact in your long term health.

So, that being said. Lets do our top green products.

Genuine Health
Of course I would mention these guys, as I’ve made it clear that I like their products in previous blogs, but also I am doing their 21 day challenge right now. Genuine Health has the widest range of greens products, as it is not just greens anymore-they have greens detox, healthy skin greens, greens with energy, bone building greens…protein with greens…greens greens greens! Lucky for you, I’ve tried them all and can tell you that the greens detox is a great small detox you can do for those wanting to do a slow cleanse. Healthy skin is by far the tastiest greens I’ve ever had bar none. It comes in chocolate raspberry, has cocoa extract aaaaand fish oil for the extra anti-inflammatory benefits and balances sugar levels. The greens energy is phenomenal for busy people who are on the go. Treat it like a coffee without the crash effect. Bone builder is awesome for people who hate taking calcium, as it is already in there! Woop, woop! It has doctor formulated ingredients proven to help bone density and comes in a great blackberry taste. If you want simple, easy and self explanatory-you can find genuine health everywhere.

Enerex Greens
I adore this greens product, which is strange-I know, to love green chunky powder. The main ingredient that stands out in their greens is the blue green algae. It sounds gross, but algae is a huge source of protein, minerals, omegas, vitamins and chlorophyll (this is where the slime from rocks come from...told you they'd bring it back) When I had this for the first time it was dark, dark green like the depths of the darkest part of the most mysterious uninhabited place in the ocean. I soon adopted this into my daily smoothie at work and noticed the difference immediately. Some joined in the green smoothie in the morning. We were those lame co workers offering each other smoothies while we did yoga in the half hour we showed up for work early. The dark colour and fresh aroma of the greens really gives you the sense that it is lush with healthy goodness. If i had one word to describe it, it would be “fresh“. If I recall, I had this every morning with a banana, flax, wheat germ, almond butter and threw it in the blender with some almond milk. I did this for a very, very long time. Highly recommend this brand, but suggest you mix into smoothie. You’ll taste how healthy this is without cringing and your body will give you love from the inside.

Garden of Life
Garden of life is a way cool company. Their perfect food blend is quite similar to the other ones, although they focus more on the fiber aspect and include flax, chia and pumpkin seeds. I didn’t find this one as tasty, but it had higher concentrations of ingredients and for that you must pay. This one might be better for someone who needs more calories like ADHD, an athlete or someone who might be fighting an illness where they need some high concentrations of nutrients in the fastest way possible. This fiber blend is also fantastic while you detox while ensuring that toxins are taken and released.

New Chapter
New Chapter has some very unique ingredients in their berry greens including turmeric, red cabbage and grapes. They are all certified organic ingredients and use all fruits and vegetables. They have chosen their formulas very effectively in staying true to their philosophy of 100% pure and whole.

Progressive Greens
Progressive has a large variety of ingredients in their vege greens. It’s like someone wanted to cover all the bases on this product, and you can’t blame them for trying…you get anything and everything you could possibly want in a product from plant soured omega’s, quercetin, cleansing immune strengthening herbs, fiber, digestive support and of course…vegetables. Can’t go wrong with these guys and as I recall, the price is also right.

I know some people prefer to take things individually. There are many people who wanted to simply take wheat grass capsules, or sprouted kamut, barley, just chlorella, spirulina or chlorophyll in liquid…as the thought of taking everything at once might not agree with them morally or physically.

I used to work at Booster juice, where there I learned that wheat grass is extremely sensitive to oxygen once you juice it. It’s one of those things you down immediately after juicing and make a face than can only be described as partner to the whiskey face. Although I think the nutritional benefits from wheat grass are astounding, if you want it in your system, go all out. Get a wheat grass juicer and grow it yourself in your house. I know Planet Organic market has a contact who brings in fresh wheat grass, and they also have a product that is flash frozen seconds after juicing, so there is hope for a more convenient way to get this if you still want it. I could never get used to wheat grass-Oooh I wanted too though. Green and good for you? Sign me up for that! Sadly, I just couldn’t stomach it, which is why, I’m sure it is available in capsules, but see what their methods are if you do want a capsule…flash frozen, underwater extractions…ask ask ask.

If you’re going to have barley, Kamut or individual sprouted grain, make sure that it is first organic, then check the expiry date and look at the storage instructions. The main complain I received from working in a health store when people bought sprouted grains was that it was rancid when they opened it, didn’t know to store it in the fridge, or bought it and it expired in a week. Because these products are so natural, they expire fast, so make sure you look at those important factors.

Ok, Chlorella, is a fine, fine product. My problem with this is the price and the amount that one has to take in order to get a nutritional benefit from it. I think sun chlorella suggest 10-30 tablets a day…hmm…I couldn’t even get people to take calcium twice a day. Although I think it is a great, green product, it’s not a financially practical way, or convenient way to get some greens into you. Like Spirulina, it is an algae, so the source is important as well as the company. I find with algae, the more expensive ones are actually companies that spend that money on providing a superior algae and for that value I am willing to pay. There is something about algae that makes you feel healthy-perhaps the colour often almost a dark blue green, like they’ve just surfaced from the depths of Atlantis to bring you this magical goo.

Chlorophyll and I go way back. It was my first introduction to a “green” product in college. It came up in nutrition class and the next day, everyone had green water. I liked it because it was cheap, easy and there was only one way to take it-tablespoon in water. Sweet. This is actually good for numerous things, alkaline, iron, deodorizer…this is great for a slow cleanse and is quite refreshing. Very light, very clean and pure.

Jessy Cooke

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